Good Things in Small Packages!

Owen Sound Volkswagen is where I tend to go because I'm a loyal Volkswagen driver and my town doesn't have a VW dealership. OSV is a smaller, family-owned dealership that may not have an artisanal eatery and gourmet coffee bar, but it's friendly, efficient, and customer-oriented. A slight hyper-car-driac, I find the service staff to be particularly patient and persistent in getting to the bottom of an issue, no matter how illusive. It's easy to see that OSV has built up a loyal customer base - people are greeted warmly (usually by name), by owners, management, and front-line staff. The people I have chatted with in the waiting area come from all over to get OSV's personalized, quality service. This dealership has my gratitude and can look forward to my continued patronage.

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The Extra Mile

Wanted to say thanks to Barry for taking the time to help a customer out on his way home for a special birthday meal with his daughter. You went the extra mile, thank you so much.

Thank You!

Thank you so much for everything you've done! You guys didn't even hesitate to bring me a loaner to my home and pick up my car so it could be looked at right away. Thank you so much!!!!

Warm and Welcoming!

I hate car shopping and was putting it off for so long. When I went to VW Owen Sound it was so warm and welcoming, all my nerves were at ease. Alex provided me with the best customer service I have ever experienced! He was kind and customer-centred! "Loved it" isn't enough to describe how awesome these guys were!


I'll never go to another dealership again. Owen Sound Volkswagen was amazing to deal with.

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