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Not everyone is aware but some of our new Volkswagen vehicles offer a four-wheel drive system. Most would assume that only our Volkswgen SUVs would include the 4MOTION feature, however Owen Sound VW actually has a few other Volkswagen vehicles that have four-wheel drive. If you are in search of a vehicle with four-wheel or all-wheel drive, stop into Owen Sound Volkswagen and learn about our Volkswagen models equipped with the 4MOTION system. You can even take one for a test drive to discover first-hand how the 4MOTION system. For more information, contact our Sales Team at Owen Sound VW!








You were born to drive. And you need the versatility of an SUV. You just found your new best friend.





Discover how 292 horsepower, 4MOTION® All-Wheel Drive, a finely tuned suspension system and a refined sport interior can unleash the driver in you - for a surprisingly affordable price.






Discover the performance of a sport car and the versatility of a people and gear hauler, in one remarkably affordable vehicle. Plus, enjoy onboard technology that lets you stay in touch with your world when adventure calls.






With generous cargo space, sporty performance and off-road ready attributes it truly is the perfect blend of versatility and drivability. Includes 4MOTION® All Wheel Drive, extra ground clearance and an 'Off Road' driving mode that optimizes traction on uneven surfaces. All for a surprising price.






Enjoy a refined driving experience, exhilarating performance and the versatility to take on wilderness adventures and city nights with ease.





The 2018 Volkswagen Atlas combines cutting edge design, enhanced safety features and outstanding performance making it Volkswagen's most verstaile SUV to date. It's a well-polished standout in a sea of sameness. Enjoy upsized performance with 4MOTION.






• Exceptional traction, handling, and stability • Full-time operation • Preventative, pro-active system – not reactive • Active safety and security • Superior all-weather performance • No driver input required




4MOTION is an all-wheel drive system from Volkswagen. 4MOTION gives you great grip on the road, come rain, wind or snow. When the wheels begin to slip on rough terrain, the 4MOTION system will kick in and ship up to 50 percent of the drive torque back, you get a sure-footed Volkswagen with huge levels of traction.


This makes our 4MOTION technology system an innovative piece of machinery, as it actively functions to keep drivers in control during rough situations. Most interestingly, 4MOTION features are continuously available whenever the vehicle needs them, unlike other four-wheel-drive systems that require manual operation by the driver.


In addition to tight corners, there are a few situations where the 4MOTION all-wheel drive system can really come in handy. That includes times when you encounter wet slippery roads. That is because the system can detect wheel slip and correct it by cutting off power to the slipping wheel and instead routing it to a wheel that actually has some traction. This keeps you from spinning out of control.


Everyday driving doesn't really require the back set of wheels to do any work, but if you're hitting tight corners or find yourself weaving in and out of traffic, the differential definitely comes in handy. The 4MOTION assists the in taking up to 50 percent of the engine's torque and shipping it to the back for increased control and performance.


As we mentioned earlier, one of the biggest benefits of the Volkswagen 4MOTION all-wheel drive system is that it only kicks in when necessary, helping to conserve fuel.













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To truly appreciate 4MOTION technology is to experience it first hand. Visit the sales team at Owen Sound Volkswagen today to schedule your test drive in one of our newest Volkswagen vehicles and enjoy the advantages of premium all-wheel control.